Workshop Papers

Please Note: These papers are not for distribution or circulation and are only intended to be viewed by workshop participants. Please do not copy or share these papers without written consent from their authors.

Constance Rose AMBASA-SHINSANYA | The Contribution of Culture and Social Capital to Adoption of HIV and AIDS Prevention Measures in Kenya

Catherine CAMPBELLStrengthening community responses to AIDS: possibilites and challenges

Eduard GREBE | The emergence of effective AIDS response coalitions: A comparison of Uganda and South Africa

Muriisa KABEBABuilding Social Capital in Uganda: The Role of NGOs in Mitigating HIV/AIDS Challenges

Daniel KIM | Social Capital and Physical Health: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Sudirman NASIR |  Culture, local construct of masculinity and HIV-risk practices among young men in a slum area in Makassar, Indonesia

Willis O. ODEKEffects of Micro-Enterprise Services on HIV Risk Behavior Among Female Sex Workers in Kenya’s Urban Slums

Rachel Sullivan ROBINSON | The Distribution and Impacts of HIV/AIDS NGOs in Sub-Saharan Africa

Fiona SAMUELS | Empowering sex workers and men who have sex with men: the role of social capital in
preventing the spread of HIV in Andhra Pradesh, India

Morten SKOVDAL | The Role of Social Capital in Strengthening the Resilience of Orphans and Vulnerable children - a case study from Western Kenya

Lucy STACKPOOL-MOORE | Measuring for a change - building the capacity of people living with HIV to inform their policy and practice to address HIV stigma and discrimination

| Health by association? Social capital, social theory and the political economy of health

Michael WOOLCOCK | Anaylizing Social Capital in Context (World Bank Document)

Michael WOOLCOCK | Measuring Social Capital (World Bank Document)